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$145.00 Digital Version + Six MP3 Set

$95.00 Six MP3 Set


Reignite your passion and your belief in Chiropractic, and CREATE a "WHY" for the FOUNDATION of your PRACTICE!

In-Depth Chiropractic Philosophy with Some of the Greatest Chiropractors! Dr. Timothy Gay, Dr. James Sigafoose, and Reggie Gold.

  • Learn About the Laws of Attraction and How to Apply Them in Chiropractic!
  • Discover How Visualization Creates Realization and How to Visualize and Realize Your Dreams into Reality!
  • Learn About the Importance of The Principles that Founded Chiropractic!
  • The Laws and Properties on How to Build a Bigger Practice!
  • A Powerful Audio Recording by BJ Palmer!
  • Listen to the CD’s in Your Car on the Way to the Office, or Burn them to an Ipod and Listen Anytime!
  • Train Your Staff on the Philosophy that Gives Strength to the Chiropractic Profession!
  • Learn How to Communicate the Philosophy of Chiropractic to Your Patients so they Stay, Pay, and Refer!
  • Build a Team of Chiropractic Warriors Who Understand the True Meaning Behind Chiropractic!
  • And a lot more!