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The Ultimate Practice in a Box is the most complete Business, Marketing, Practice Building and Training System on the Planet!


You will receive 2 FREE Goal and Strategy Sessions with Dr. Timothy Gay* (a $600 VALUE!)

(*not available with Practice Key - Digital Download)


Ultimate Procedures, Protocols & Practice Management Manual – This 423 Page Manual is a Complete Guideline for patient and employee management, procedures & protocols for building your practice with a solid foundation, and making your practice run more efficient, with less emissions, and more profits.
The Indispensable Chiropractic Assistant Manual – This 262 page manual explains the history of chiropractic, the importance of attitude and image, complete job descriptions, expectations, & essential procedures with effective scripts to help turn your CA into a superstar.
Ultimate Marketing & Advertising Guidelines – In this 344 Page Manual you will learn thorough and effective internal and external marketing strategies for attracting new patients, complete with swipe files, templates, marketing calendars, and step by step strategies.
Ultimate Associate Program – Learn how to create, develop, and duplicate a multiple-doctor practice in this 265 page manual.

Chiro-Practice Introduction Pack

Patient Introduction
Office Procedures
This DVD combo package includes teaching templates designed to create long-term patients, step by step procedures to help you customize your own programs, and VIDEOS designed to help both Doctors and their CA’s to perform their best!
The Art and Philosophy of Chiropractic – Volume 1 and 2 (2 VIDEO plus 6 AUDIO Set)
Learn about the Law of Attraction, Visualization creates Realization, and Laws and Properties on how to Build a Bigger Practice.
Comprehensive PowerPoints and Poster 9 Pack
Includes Comprehensive PowerPoints to use at speaking engagements: Backpack Safety, Injury Prevention (Work Safety), Spinal Health Care, Stress Management.
9 Poster Pack Includes 9 Print-Ready posters for you to use in your practice: Proper Functioning Spine, Cycle of Dis-Ease, 33 Principles, Strategic Poster Set, Chart of Effects, Subluxation Poster, For I Am Chiropractor and Compass of Health.


You will receive 2 FREE Goal and Strategy Sessions with Chiropractic Master Dr. Timothy Gay...a $600 Value!

These lively and educational sessions will guide you on how to best utilize the Ultimate Practice in a Box, and help you lay a solid foundation for long-term success and higher profitability!