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$145.00/DVD-CD Pack
$95.00/Digital Version


Learn to Create Effective Marketing Campaigns Using Innovative INTERNAL and EXTERNAL Marketing Strategies!

These proven strategies will help you become more SELF CONFIDENT about sharing your story, and help turn your staff into a well oiled MARKETING MACHINE!

  • Learn Motivation Techniques for You and Your Staff to Implement with Basic Strategies that Are Simple and Inexpensive
  • Discover Marketing Techniques that Don’t Cost a Dime and Can Generate Hundreds of New Patients
  • Learn New Marketing Procedures that Will Help You Attract Serious, Committed, Long-Term Patients
  • Teach Every New Patient How to Stay, Pay, and Refer!
  • Build Your Practice Month After Month With Consistent Marketing Strategies!
  • Watch the Videos On Your Computer, Your TV, or With Your Staff!
  • Have Your Team Listen to The Audios During Lunch Time, in the Car, or at Home!
  • Generate an Additional 10-30 New Patients Every Single Month by Following These Simple Strategies!
  • Easy to Follow, Understand, and Implement!